We believe

In art
In a critical society
In an independent society
In culture
In its revolutionary force
In the exhibition
In the work of art
In simple objects
In complex ideas
In new ideas
In old ideas
In borrowed ideas
        (none better than the other)
In small gestures
In instructions
In what makes sense
In what does not make sense
In the untold story
In the unnoticed events
In supporting actors
In the suburbs
In comments
In versions
In covers
In quotes
In language:
In the book: origin
In poetry and
Its irrelevancy
In translation and
Its impossibility
In the footnote
In the comment in the margin
In our context
Neither center or border
Neither South or North
Neither West or East
In the fiction of architecture
In its story
In its fragility
In its solitude
In the air moving silently
In the energy the come from small sources
In the first artist
                                   and the last reader